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soft - Słownik angielsko-polski PARKsoft - adj 1. miękki; ~ colour stonowany kolor; ~ cover (of book)miękka okładka książki; ~ furnishings tkaniny dekoracyjne;
soft - Słownik angielsko-polski EXETERsoft - [soft] miękki, delikatny, łagodny, cichy, słaby, czuły, wyrozumiały, wrażliwy, wygodny
soft - Uniwersalny słownik angielsko-polskisoft - [soft, am. sɑft] adj miękki, łagodny, delikatny; cichy; soft drink napój bezalkoholowy; fig. soft spot (for sb) słabość (do kogoś)
soft - ECTACO słownik angielsko-polskiSOFT - DELIKATNY
soft - Słownik internautówsoft - delikatny; miękki
soft - Wojskowy słownik angielsko-polskisoft - [soft] adj miękki; łagodny, delikatny; cichy; ~ drink napój bezalkoholowy; ~ ground miękki grunt, miękkie podłoże
soft - Angielsko-polski słownik religijnysoft - adj. 1. miękki; 2. delikatny; 3. cichy
soft - Otwarty słownik angielsko-polskisoft - przyjemny
soft - miększy
soft - miękki
soft - łagodny
soft - cichy
soft - delikatny
soft - Otwarty słownik polsko-niemieckisoft - soft
soft - Otwarty słownik niemiecko-polskisoft - soft
soft - Otwarty słownik polsko-rosyjskiSoft - софта
Soft - софт
soft - Słownik audio-video Montevideosoft - miękki, gładki, łagodny, słaby, łatwy
soft - Wordnet Dictionarysoft - (informal) not burdensome or demanding, lacking in hardness relatively or comparatively, metaphorically soft, of speech sounds, used of beverages, having little impact, of sound, used chiefly as a direction or description in music, tolerant or lenient, easily hurt, (informal) in a relaxed manner
soft - Webster's Dictionary of EnglishSoft - (superl.) Easily yielding to pressure; easily impressed, molded, or cut; not firm in resisting; impressible; yielding; also, malleable; -- opposed to hard; as, a soft bed; a soft peach; soft earth; soft wood or metal., (superl.) Not rough, rugged, or harsh to the touch; smooth; delicate; fine; as, soft silk; a soft skin., (superl.) Hence, agreeable to feel, taste, or inhale; not irritating to the tissues; as, a soft liniment; soft wines., (superl.) Not harsh or offensive to the sight; not glaring; pleasing to the eye; not exciting by intensity of color or violent contrast; as, soft hues or tints., (superl.) Not harsh or rough in sound; gentle and pleasing to the ear; flowing; as, soft whispers of music., (superl.) Easily yielding; susceptible to influence; flexible; gentle; kind., (superl.) Expressing gentleness, tenderness, or the like; mild; conciliatory; courteous; kind; as, soft eyes., (superl.) Effeminate; not courageous or manly, weak., (superl.) Gentle in action or motion; easy., (superl.) Weak in character; impressible., (superl.) Somewhat weak in intellect., (superl.) Quiet; undisturbed; paceful; as, soft slumbers., (superl.) Having, or consisting of, a gentle curve or curves; not angular or abrupt; as, soft outlines., (superl.) Not tinged with mineral salts; adapted to decompose soap; as, soft water is the best for washing., (superl.) Applied to a palatal, a sibilant, or a dental consonant (as g in gem, c in cent, etc.) as distinguished from a guttural mute (as g in go, c in cone, etc.); -- opposed to hard., (superl.) Belonging to the class of sonant elements as distinguished from the surd, and considered as involving less force in utterance; as, b, d, g, z, v, etc., in contrast with p, t, k, s, f, etc., (n.) A soft or foolish person; an idiot., (adv.) softly; without roughness or harshness; gently; quietly., (interj.) Be quiet; hold; stop; not so fast.
soft - Niemiecki słownik synonimówsoft - flauschig, sanft, schwammig, weich, wollig