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promise - Słownik angielsko-polski PARKpromise - n 1. C (assurance) obietnica, przyrzeczenie:. 2. U (ground for expectation)nadzieja, nadzieje; a painter of ~ obiecujący malarz.vt/vi 1. (undertake, assure)obiecywać, przyrzekać, zapewniać\; (bibl)the P~d Land Ziemia Obiecana. 2. (give grounds for expecting) zapowiadać się, wróżyć; it ~s to be a cold day zapowiada się zimny dzień; the boy ~s well chłopiec zapowiada się bardzo dobrze.
promise - Uniwersalny słownik angielsko-polskipromise - ['promɪs] n obietnica; przyrzeczenie; to keep a promise dotrzymywać obietnicy; to show promise dobrze się zapowiadać | vt vi obiecywać ( sb sth komuś coś); przyrzekać; zapowiadać (się)
promise - Słownik internautówpromise - obiecywać; obietnica, przyrzeczenie
promise - Słownik terminologii prawniczej polsko-angielskipromise - obietnica, przyrzeczeniebreach of promise: niedotrzymanie obietnicy, złamanie przyrzeczenia distinct promise: przyrzeczenie formalne promise enforceable without consideration: przyrzeczenie wykonalne bez odwzajemnionej obietnicy świadczenia promise of consideration: wzajemne obietnice świadczenia promise of easy profit: obietnica łatwego zarobku promise of immunity: obietnica nietykalności promise of marriage: przyrzeczenie małżeństwa promise of a reward: przyrzeczenie nagrody to break a promise: złamać obietnicę to claim sb's promise: domagać się spełnienia czyjejś obietnicy to go back on a promise: cofnąć przyrzeczenie to keep a promise: dotrzymywać przyrzeczenia
promise - Wojskowy słownik angielsko-polskipromise - ["prom2s] s obietnica; ~ feature dominujący obiekt; to keep a ~ dotrzymać obietnicy; to show ~ dobrze się zapowiadać; vt vi obiecywać ( sb sth (sth to sb) komuś coś); zapowiadać (się)
promise - Angielsko-polski słownik religijnypromise - obietnica; przyrzeczenie
promise - Otwarty słownik angielsko-polskipromise - obietnica
promise - przyrzeczenie
promise - przyrzekać
promise - zapewniać
promise - zapowiadać
promise - obiecywać
promise - obiecanka
promise - Wordnet Dictionarypromise - grounds for feeling hopeful about the future, a verbal commitment by one person to another agreeing to do (or not to do) something in the future, make a promise or commitment, promise to undertake or give, make a prediction about, give grounds for expectations
promise - Webster's Dictionary of EnglishPromise - (a.) In general, a declaration, written or verbal, made by one person to another, which binds the person who makes it to do, or to forbear to do, a specified act; a declaration which gives to the person to whom it is made a right to expect or to claim the performance or forbearance of a specified act., (a.) An engagement by one person to another, either in words or in writing, but properly not under seal, for the performance or nonperformance of some particular thing. The word promise is used to denote the mere engagement of a person, without regard to the consideration for it, or the corresponding duty of the party to whom it is made., (a.) That which causes hope, expectation, or assurance; especially, that which affords expectation of future distinction; as, a youth of great promise., (a.) Bestowal, fulfillment, or grant of what is promised., (v. t.) To engage to do, give, make, or to refrain from doing, giving, or making, or the like; to covenant; to engage; as, to promise a visit; to promise a cessation of hostilities; to promise the payment of money., (v. t.) To afford reason to expect; to cause hope or assurance of; as, the clouds promise rain., (v. t.) To make declaration of or give assurance of, as some benefit to be conferred; to pledge or engage to bestow; as, the proprietors promised large tracts of land; the city promised a reward., (v. i.) To give assurance by a promise, or binding declaration., (v. i.) To afford hopes or expectation; to give ground to expect good; rarely, to give reason to expect evil.
promise - Roget's ThesaurusPromise - N. promise, undertaking, word, troth, plight, pledge, parole, word of honor, vow; oath => (affirmation) 535; profession, assurance, warranty, guarantee, insurance, obligation; contract => 769; stipulation. engagement, preengagement; affiance; betroth, betrothal, betrothment. V. promise; give a promise => n.; undertake, engage; make an engagement, form an engagement; enter into an engagement, enter on an engagement; bind oneself, tie oneself, pledge oneself, commit oneself, take upon oneself; vow; swear => (affirm) 535, give one's word, pass one's word, pledge one's word, plight one's word, give one's honor, pass one's honor, pledge one's honor, plight one's honor, give credit, pass credit, pledge credit, plight credit, give troth, pass troth, pledge troth, plight troth; betroth, plight faith. assure, warrant, guarantee; covenant => 769; attest => (bear witness) 467. hold out an expectation; contract an obligation; become bound to, become sponsor for; answer for, be answerable for; secure; give security => 771; underwrite. adjure, administer an oath, put to one's oath, swear a witness. Adj. promising => v.; promissory; votive; under hand and seal, upon oath. promised => v.; affianced, pledged, bound; committed, compromised; in for it. Adv. as one's head shall answer for. Phr. in for a penny in for a pound; ex voto; gage d'amour.