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bottom - Słownik angielsko-polski PARKbottom - n C/U 1. (lowest part, also fig) dół; dolna część; dno, spód; ~ up(wards) do góry dnem. 2. (further end)drugi koniec, druga strona. 3. (end)koniec. 4. (of sea, river) dno; grunt. 5. (of mountain) podnóże. 6. (buttocks)siedzenie; tyłek, zadek. 7. (fig): głębia. 8. (core, real nature) sedno; prawdziwa natura czegoś; to get to the ~ of sth docierać do sedna czegoś. 9. (reason)przyczyna. 10. rock ~ najniższy moliwy poziom. 11. (in a toast): ~s up! na zdrowie (przy toa). 12. (really):at the ~ w rzeczywistości.adj (the lowest, the last one)najniższy; dolny; ostateczny; ostatni; to bet one's ~ dollar stawiać wszystko na jedną kartę.
bottom - Słownik angielsko-polski EXETERbottom - [`botəm] dno, dolna część, spód, koniec, siedzenie (krzesła), pupa; dolny, najniższy, w dole, na dole; ~ out osiągać najniższy poziom; ~ up dnem do góry; at the ~ u podstaw; from the ~ of the heart z głębi serca
bottom - Uniwersalny słownik angielsko-polskibottom - ['botəm] n dno, grunt; dół, spód; fundament, podstawa; pot. pupa, siedzenie; pot. bottoms up! do dna! ( wypić do końca); bottom up do góry dnem; at (the) bottom w gruncie rzeczy | vt vi dosł. fig. zgłębiać; się-gać dna
bottom - Słownik internautówbottom - dno; pupa, tyłek, siedzenie; dół; siedzenie; podnóże; mianownik ułamka
bottom - Wojskowy słownik angielsko-polskibottom - ["b6t@m] s dno; spód; podstawa; siedzenie; ~ up do góry dnem; at (the) ~ w gruncie rzeczy; ~ mine mi-na denna (przeciwdenna)
bottom - Podręczny słownik medyczny angielsko-polskibottom - dno, pośladki , siedzenie
bottom - Słownik slangu Zbigniewa Parzychabottom - siedzenie, pośladki, kufer
bottom - Angielsko-polski słownik religijnybottom - dno
bottom - Angielsko-polski słownik ochrony środowiskabottom - dno; spód; geol. spąg
bottom - Wordnet Dictionarybottom - a cargo ship, the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on, the lower side of anything, the lowest part of anything, a depression forming the ground under a body of water, low-lying alluvial land near a river, the second half of an inning, come to understand, strike the ground, as with a ship's bottom, provide with a bottom or a seat, as of chairs, the lowest rank, at the bottom, situated at the bottom or lowest position
bottom - Webster's Dictionary of EnglishBottom - (n.) The lowest part of anything; the foot; as, the bottom of a tree or well; the bottom of a hill, a lane, or a page., (n.) The part of anything which is beneath the contents and supports them, as the part of a chair on which a person sits, the circular base or lower head of a cask or tub, or the plank floor of a ship's hold; the under surface., (n.) That upon which anything rests or is founded, in a literal or a figurative sense; foundation; groundwork., (n.) The bed of a body of water, as of a river, lake, sea., (n.) The fundament; the buttocks., (n.) An abyss., (n.) Low land formed by alluvial deposits along a river; low-lying ground; a dale; a valley., (n.) The part of a ship which is ordinarily under water; hence, the vessel itself; a ship., (n.) Power of endurance; as, a horse of a good bottom., (n.) Dregs or grounds; lees; sediment., (a.) Of or pertaining to the bottom; fundamental; lowest; under; as, bottom rock; the bottom board of a wagon box; bottom prices., (v. t.) To found or build upon; to fix upon as a support; -- followed by on or upon., (v. t.) To furnish with a bottom; as, to bottom a chair., (v. t.) To reach or get to the bottom of., (v. i.) To rest, as upon an ultimate support; to be based or grounded; -- usually with on or upon., (v. i.) To reach or impinge against the bottom, so as to impede free action, as when the point of a cog strikes the bottom of a space between two other cogs, or a piston the end of a cylinder., (n.) A ball or skein of thread; a cocoon., (v. t.) To wind round something, as in making a ball of thread.
bottom - FOLDOC Słownik terminów komputerowychbottom - The least defined element in a given domain. Often used to represent a non-terminating computation. (In LaTeX, bottom is written as perp, sometimes with the domain as a subscript). (1997-01-07)